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The Railing Guys in Fairport, NY is the leading service provider in Railing construction. We are located in Fairport,NY and our services are offered to both private and public customers. We are strategically situated and you can access our stores from any part in the region.Our store is a one stop shop where you will all the construction materials that are genuine and high quality.


Materials used in railing construction

Wood is one of the most commonly used materials for Railing. When wood is used the rails are placed on the side of the post which will give the greatest support and protection. Wood should be surfaced so as to prevent injury to people from lacerations and to prevent snagging of clothing. Rails found on highways and bridges are made using metals like steel because of their strength, also rails found in stadia and other places where there is a lot of people gathering are made of metal. Visit us today and purchase genuine products.


Where you get rails

Highways; this Railing system is made of galvanized steel posts and the posts may have base plates or not. These rails are used for automotive safety, they are used to prevent an errant vehicle from heating roadside obstacles which are either man-made for example the sign structures, culvert inlets or natural like rock and trees. These rails are also found where there is a steep slope and they prevent the vehicles from running of the road. Other than galvanized concrete can be used because it is usually strong and it is able to withstand direct hits by vehicles. These rails have a length of 62.5 to 75 feet.

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Railing in Fairport, NY

Stairs; these are handrails and are usually made of metal or wood. They can be grasped by the hand and are used to provide support when one is ascending or descending stairways so that injurious falls are prevented. These rails are either indoors or outdoors. Outdoor Railing for your home does not need to be expensive and some of the rails offer include outdoor handrail for the front steps, stair handrail for the back porch and porch mounted stair Railing.

Social gathering places like stadium ; our Railing system in stadium meets the nationwide safety codes for height and load. These Railing system are made of galvanized steel, anodized aluminum, vinyl coatings and legendary paints. They are built to last with low-maintenance. They are used for support when people are moving up and down the terraces and are also used to prevent fans from getting into the pitch when a game is in progress.

Railing however has some disadvantages; guard rails on the highways are sometimes considered as obstacles. Street Railing in cities where pedestrians pass have posed a lot of danger because many cyclists have died when crushed against them by motor vehicles. Rails have also been found to increase the chances of injury to pedestrians because they increase the inattention of both drivers and pedestrians.

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